Agency Solutions

Typical General Agents are simply “quote engines” for agents and provide little incentive to work with them beyond the normal compensation structure offered by insurance carriers.  We take things a step further by providing access to:

Voluntary Supplemental Benefits – Employers are beginning to see voluntary benefits as an extension of the consumer-directed health care that high-deductible plans are designed to encourage. According to the results of the Aon Hewitt 2013 Health Care Survey, which polled 837 organizations, 10 percent of employers currently offer additional voluntary supplemental medical offerings, such as critical illness coverage. “Employers offering a full portfolio of these products helps support the idea of employees as consumers,” according to the survey report. “Supplemental medical benefits allow employees to determine how they want to manage their risk when enrolling in a high-deductible plan.” Forty-four percent of responding employers planned to consider such an approach in the next three to five years.

Core Ancillary Benefits – We have contracts with several top carriers.  Core Ancillary Benefits include life insurance, disability insurance and dental/vision coverage. These benefits can be offered on a voluntary basis (employee pays for the coverage), or employer-funded (with substantial group pricing discounts).

Core Enrollment Services – We offer you and your clients flexible, streamlined enrollment support. We’ll handle all the details, lifting the administrative burden from your shoulders, and we’ll do it at no direct cost to your client. We’ll consult with you to plan, execute and follow through with your enrollment, in the way that best suits your clients’ needs.

Dependent Verification/Audit – Health care costs are higher than ever for employers — the cost of covering just one dependent is approximately $3,400 per year. You can dramatically reduce your client’s health care spend with a dependent eligibility verification audit.  We audit your benefits-enrolled dependent population using our expertise, cutting-edge technology, high-quality customer service and proven process — with minimal impact on your client’s employees. Our approach brings fairness and compliance to your health plans while maintaining the integrity of your client company’s culture, with average results yielding a 5% to 8% savings — potentially millions of dollars.  Depending on the scope of the audit we have solutions that range from no cost to those that carry a PEPM fee. 

Health Clinic Advocacy – On-site and near-site clinics are growing in popularity.  The benefits of both are convenience and cost control. Unlike care provided at some of the more traditional settings, retail-based clinics are open in the evenings and on weekends, allowing patients to access care after traditional work hours. Visits are quick, typically lasting between 15 and 20 minutes, and no appointments are needed.

Supporters also note that retail-based care reduces health care costs. Retail clinics accept most insurance co-payments, and uninsured patients typically pay between $40 and $75 per visit. That’s less, on average, than similar care provided at physician offices and appreciably less than similar emergency room care, according to the Convenient Care Association.  Based on their needs, we can provide your clients with access to near-site clinics or assist in developing their own clinic on-site. 

Telemedicine –  Telemedicine has the potential to drive savings by diverting healthcare claims by avoiding in-person physician visits. However, the promise of potential savings through telemedicine is limited if employees fail to engage with the provided service.  Real claims savings can be achieved through communication and employee engagement.