Northpoint Property and Casualty Insurance Solutions

Property insurance and casualty insurance (also known as P&C insurance) are types of coverage that help protect you and the property you own.

Property insurance helps cover stuff you own like your home, auto or business.

Casualty insurance means that the policy includes liability coverage to help protect you if you are found legally responsible for an accident that causes injuries to another person or damage to another person’s belongings.


Homeowners Insurance

Car Insurance

Condo Insurance


Renters Insurance

Power Sports Insurance

Landlord Insurance


We offer all the coverages listed below, as well as industry-specific coverages. 

General Liability – Coverage that can protect you from a variety of claims including bodily injury, property damage, personal injury and others that can arise from your business operations.

Business Owners Policy – Coverage that combines protection from all major property and liability risks in one package.

Workers’ Compensation – Coverage for employees against job-related injuries and illnesses, as well as certain medical expenses, lost income, and rehabilitation expenses.

Commercial Auto – Coverage for certain legal liability resulting from bodily injury or property damage caused by the vehicles used in your business.

Commercial Umbrella – Coverage that supplements your existing General Liability and Business Property and Commercial Auto policies to cover certain catastrophic liability claims.

Professional Liability – Coverage that helps to protect professional advice and service-providing companies and individuals from having to bear the complete cost of defending themselves or their company from a client originated negligence claim, as well as damages awarded in a civil lawsuit against them.

Cyber Liability – Coverage that protects the small business owner from server breaches, network breaches, data breaches, privacy leaks, financial information breaches, trade secret leaks, and intellectual property breaches. Additionally, cyber liability insurance provides coverage for laptops or other electronic equipment if stolen by an employee or someone outside the corporation.

Errors & Omissions – Coverage that protects against mistakes made by professions such as lawyers, architects, engineers, or for mistakes made in a service business, such as insurance, real estate, and others.